I travel and I take lots of pictures. I also delete lots of them. What you see here is probably the best I’ve got to show for the thousands of photos I took over the last 8 years.

The different categories of my posts represent my different photographic interests, from landscape and architecture to people and street photos. I like colours, but a minimalist black & white picture has its appeal for me.

Some of the photographers I’ve met in workshops, seminars and presentations who have inspired me to pursue certain types of photography are Art Wolfe for nature and wildlife photography, Steve McCurry for people and documentary pictures, and more recently Martin Parr and Joel Meyerowitz for street photos.

I don’t think gear matters, as long as you have something with you to take pictures with.

The highlight of my (very few) photographic achievements is to have one of my pictures featured in the National Geographic Book “Life in Colour”

National Geographic Life in Colour

National Geographic Life in Colour

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